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Who We Are

Gwendolyn O’Neill, PharmD & Christopher O’Neill, PharmD. Both Pharmacists since 2006. Both are licensed to immunize since 2010. Both business owners since 2010. Christopher has been the Pharmacy Manager since 2010, and Gwendolyn has been the Clinical Director since 2020.

Christopher & Gwendolyn founded Circle Pharmacy in 2010 to serve the NE Philadelphia Community and beyond. Your health care is our top priority. We offer personalized services to include but are not limited to immunizations, health screening, free delivery, medication synchronization, personal comprehensive medication reviews, vitamin & supplement evaluations, and more. We are more than just a pharmacy. You are more than just a patient. Together we are a pharmacy family! Stop by today for a unique, personal healthcare experience. You are important to us!!!

Our Mission

Circle Pharmacy is the pharmacy of tomorrow. Our pharmacists are a valuable part of the healthcare team. When a patient sees their pharmacist more times a year than they see their primary care doctor, they can rely on them to help with their medication needs. We are in a position to provide so much more than medication. In working together with your doctors, we add value in providing excellent patient care.

Our Vision

At Circle Pharmacy, we aim to become one of the most trusted local pharmacies in Philadelphia. With compassionate pharmacists, we provide our clients with a variety of medical supplies and pharmaceutical services that help them take charge of their health and well-being.

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